Books about Milford on Sea & Keyhaven

Below is a list of history books that have been published about Milford on Sea & its local area.

An Album of Old Lymington & Milford-On-Sea

An Album of Old Lymington & Milford-on-Sea by Chris Hobby. Published in December 1989, Hyperion Books.
Chris Hobby comes from one of the original Milford families which established the Milford on Sea Historical Record Society. He is a governor of Milford on Sea Primary School & a former Parish Councillor.

Our villages Historical Record Society was founded in 1909. They research local history and preserve extensive records of Milford including: photographs, books, maps and film. Regular lectures are arranged throughout the year.

Milford on Sea and The Second World War

Milford On Sea and The Second World War By John Cockram & Richard Williams.

This book has been written, in conjunction with the Milford Branch of The Royal British Legion, to recall the role Milford played in the Second World War and remember those who died. It is therefore a companion volume to Milford on Sea and the Great War, published in 2006.
The research costs have been funded by the authors and the research team, whilst the printing costs have been organised by the Milford Three. All profits from sales therefore go directly to the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal, for the welfare of ex servicemen and servicewomen. However, the prime reason for writing this and similar books, is to help fulfil the Legion's remit to ensure that people who gave their lives to enable us to live in a democracy, as we do now, are not forgotten.
This book will refresh memories of those watershed years and most particularly of those people from all walks of life, whose names you read in your church, or hear read out on Armistice Sunday.
If you read about them – they are not forgotten.
Available from our village newsagents & the Milford Historical Records Society.

Milford on Sea and The Great War

Milford on Sea and the Great War compiled by John Cockram and Richard Williams. Published in 2006.
In 1914 Milford on Sea was a small seaside village of some 2,000 souls. It had been promoted as a coastal resort with some success and under the initiatives of Colonel William Cornwallis-West, the Agar Family, Dr Bruce and the Vicars of the parish it was in the process of change.
People were encouraged to support the war effort - be it children knitting scarves for soldiers, women making medical supplies, cottagers growing food or men enlisting. It was apparently done effectively and without fuss. Over the war years Milford absorbed Indians, Londoners and New Zealanders with varying degrees of comfort. Personal liberty was restricted and families suffered the loss of loved ones. Despite all this the village was rightly proud of its efforts and valued highly the sacrifice of those who died.
Through the creation of two war memorial shrines and later the dedication of the Memorial Cottage Hospital, the village was determined not to forget those who participated in 'The War to end all Wars'.
Available from our village newsagents & the Milford Historical Records Society.

Hurst Castle an Illustrated History

Hurst Castle: An Illustrated History by Jude James.

Published by Dovecote Press in December 1986.
Hurst Castle began its career as a defensive fort in the Tudor period, primarily to guard the western entrance to the Solent, with many of its stones coming from Beaulieu Abbey. During the Civil War it provided an uncomfortable temporary prison for Charles I. In Victorian times the castle was extensively rebuilt, its ancient cannon being replaced by massive muzzle-loading guns.
The castle lost its strategic importance in 1918, but with the outbreak of the Second World War, the castle again became a garrison. Since 1956, when the castle was again vacated by the military, the castle has become a popular ancient monument.
Jude James' book, representing more than 10 years of careful research, gives an informative account of Hurst Castle and those who lived and worked there during its long history.
Available from New Milton Online Shop.

Hurst Castle Guide Book

Hurst Castle Guidebook from English Heritage.

Hurst Castle, low and menacing on its shingle spit, is the most powerful of the defences built to guard the western entrance to the Solent. The castle was garrisoned in the First and Second World Wars. Visitors today can see the Tudor castle (where there is an exhibition on the defences of the area) and parts of the Victorian wings.
Available fron Hurst Castle or English Heritage Online Shop.

Keyhaven An Odd Sort of Hamlet

Keyhaven: An Odd Sort of Hamlet by Mary Trehearne. Published 1988.
Written by a resident of Keyhaven, features tales and local characters from Keyhaven's past.
Available from St. Barbe's Museum in Lymington.

The Wild West Show: A Story of the Cornwallis-West Family by Raymond C. Curry. Published July 2009.
This story of the Cornwallis-West family has as its basis the two stately homes: The ancient castle of Ruthin in North Wales and Newlands Manor at Milford in Hampshire, homes respectively of the De La Warr (West) family and Admiral Sir William Cornwallis.

The Wild West Show

The lives of the members of the family are a microcosm of the changes experienced world-wide over the last couple of centuries and their individual stories reflect their social situation of the time: from their prominence in the upper reaches of the aristocracy and royal circles, to being at the heart of the lively social scene in Edwardian England with one or two family members allegedly being lovers of the Prince of Wales, through to the turbulent 20th century with wars and revolutions affecting their lives and a consequential decline in their position, prestige and finance.
Wild West Show' was the name given to the family by Edward Prince of Wales, because of their exuberant way of life, particularly when they lived at Newlands, led by the ebullient Patsy and replicated by her children George, Daisy and Shelagh.
Available from Natula Book Store.

Instructions to Young Sportsmen in all that relates to Guns & Shooting by Colonel Peter Hawker. Published in 1814.
Colonel Hawker lived at Hawker’s Cottage in Keyhaven. He was a retired military man & very keen country sportsman, who also wrote amongst other books 'Advice to Young Sportsmen', which was published in 1814. To this day it is regarded as one of the best introductions to young people taking up shooting or fishing and is still in demand today.

Colonel Peter Hawker Shooting Book
Colonel Peter Hawker Shooting Diaries

Colonel Hawkers Shooting Diaries. Hawker also wrote a diary for most of his adult life which recorded his military exploits & his passion for country sports, especially shooting and fishing. He also devised technical innovations for certain sporting guns & designed a double-barreled punt gun. He also invented hand moulds for the piano. The Gun Inn pub at Keyhaven, commemorates his great punt gun for shooting duck, one of which can still be found at his ancestral home at Longparish House in Andover, Hampshire. Hawker’s Cottage still stands next to the Gun Inn in Keyhaven, the original low lattice windows were replaced in the 19th century by stuccoed bays. Colonel Hawker died in 1853.

Colonel Peter Hawker Young Sportsman Book
Colonel Peter Hawker Diary
Domesday Book-Melleford

Domesday Book: Melleford. (Former name for Milford on Sea)
The Domesday Book is an ancient, hand written book with variation in preservation and presentation. The Domesday Book is one of the most important historical records of the country and was commissioned by William the Conqueror in 1086. It captures details such as landowners, local customs and even disputes.

Bradley The New Forest Bear

Bradley the New Forest Bear

Christine Rix is the Milford on Sea based author of the Bradley the New Forest Bear Books. Bradley's series of adventures reflect Christine's love of the New Forest, hoping to encourage children to respect others and the environment.

Christine is also an artist working mainly in watercolour, drawing inspiration from nature, painting landscapes, seascapes and flowers. Occasionally experimenting with abstract work in acrylics and mixed media.

Where The Hell Have You Been is the story of former Milford on Sea Resident, Colonel Richard Carver OBE, who was a stepson of Field Marshal Viscount Montgomery of Alamein.

When Montgomery was appointed to command the 8th Army in the Western Desert in 1942, Richard joined him as one of his forward liaison officers at HQ. A fasinating story ensues whereby Richard is captured and held a prisioner of war for 14 months in italy.

After escaping he made he way to meet up with Monty's army. When reunited with his stepfather, the great man simply asked: "Where the hell have you been?".

Richard's son, Tom Carver, has written a book with the title reflecting Montgomery's humerous welcome. The book documents Richard's extraordinary life and many amazing adventures.

Other Local Book Titles & Authors.


Milford on Sea by Joanna Close-Brooks. Published 1989.
Milford-on-Sea: A walk round the old buildings of Milford and Keyhaven by Joanna Close-Brooks. Published 1989.
Milford House: the Manor House of Milford Baddesley in the Parish of Milford-on-Sea by Diana K Coldicott. Published 1979
Country house history around Lymington, Brockenhurst and Milford-on-Sea by Blake Pinnell. Published 1987.
Occasional Magazine: (Various volumes) by Milford on Sea Historical Society
Memories of Everton by Robert Walker.
Pennington Remembered by Joan Stephens.
The Story of Hordle Parish and Its Churches by Jude James.
Lymington: A Pictorial Past by Brian J Down.
Lymington High Street Then and Now by Robert Coles.
Lymington in Old Postcards by Brian J Down.
Walk through Lymington by Edward King.
Old Times Revisted in the Parish and Borough of Lymington by Edward King
The Story of Lymington by Robert Coles.
The Story of Lymington School by Michael Birks.
New Milton (Images of England) by Malcolm Bailey & Catherine Lake.

Milford on Sea 'Then & Now' Wall Calendar by the Milford Historical Records Society. Available from our village newsagents.
Around Milford Calendar: Features images from village photgraphic competition. Available from our village newsagents.